If you think that just because we are at sea side there is only surf related activities, think again! 

Around Sal da Costa there are dozens of diferent activities available to make your stay more enjoyable. Check some here! 



Whether you're a pro rider or you're just taking your first step in the world of surfing, the Ericeira World Surfing Reserve has you covered. Here you'll find various kinds of waves, tons of board rental shops and a thriving surf school scene
We are located ant the very beggining of the reserve in the amazing and ever so loved São Lourenço Bay, so you're just a short drive, hike, of bike away from a surf spot that's right for you.










So, whether you want to try and experience the rush of surfing the waves or even to perfect your technique, we can help you get to some experienced schools, coaches, and materials.



"Man does not live of Surf alone"; The shore is not all about sea sports.


So if Surfing is not your thing, don't worry! There is plenty to do here. Just nearby you have the Varzea Valley, and the Safarujo Stream. Together the form a simple and enjoyable landscape with several hiking or biking trails.


To ease up your stay we have bicycles available!


Geocaching - the world wide treasure hunt - is a great way to get to know places. Alone, with friends or family, older or younger you can get your Indiana Jones on and look for clues, charades, and treasures. 


With that in mind, we've prepared some geocaching trails around. Ask us about it, complete them, and you might even get a little something at the end!


Learn more about geocaching 




One of the wonderful things of our shore is that we have the peace of being at the seaside, but very quickly we can go to any of the dozen points of historic and cultural interest in central Portugal. We're a small country, so it's easy to get around!

Ericeira is one of the coolest little villages around. But if you're in the mood for something a little bit more cultured, Mafra is the place to be! There, you can visit Mafra National Palace, the centrepiece of Nobel Laureate José Saramago's masterpiece Baltasar & Blimunda. Its Library, Basilica are breathtaking and some of the finest examples of Baroque architecture around. It also houses rather large carillons, and concerts are played throughout the year. And then there's the Mafra Walled Forest, which used to be the king's personal hunting grounds. Lots of places to hike  and bike, and you can even take falconry classes.
Mafra is just a 15 minute drive away.



On the way there you can make a quick stop at José Franco Museum Village, where you can explore the local ways from former times. It's an excellent day out if you have kids. Oh, and if you're heading there, be sure to get one of their signature pão com chouriço (spicy cured sausage bun). It's a portuguese staple, but theirs is particularly good.


Another very nice day trip is to the historical Village of Sintra. In former times it was one of the vacation villages of Portuguese aristocracy and is of great importance in Portuguese history. As a result, is is home to not one but two national palaces, an ancient ruined castle, a series of challenging hiking trails, and some unbelievable vistas.
Trust us, it's worth the 35 minute trip to get there.

If you're willing to drive a bit further, a 55 minute car trip will take you to the fortified city of Óbidos. Originally a Celt settlement, it was later occupied by the Romans, and even later it became an important conquest in Afonso Henriques' Reconquista. Evey year during the month of April, they also host a Chocolate Festival, with some of Portugal's foremost patissiers 


Of course that only 45 away of our spot you have the wonderful city of Lisbon, full of history, magic and music. Of course, you must visit for one or two days, and for that we can help you get there, or even acomodate your lodging. 








Relaxation is one of our main goals, for our place and for your vacations.  

So, if you're looking for a yoga session, want a PT to help you with your workout or a masseuse to soothe your aching muscles,  we can arrange that for you. We work with locals that provide these services and more.


Portugal has a lovely and rich gastronomy. We enjoy eating, drinking and being merry. And the more the merrier!


Our region is nacionaly known for the good fish and good seafood. Luckily enough we live 5 minutes from the amazing village of Ribamar, with some of the best seafood restaurants around. There is a lot of diversity, in price, quality, ambience, or even type of food, so you'll have your pick.

For fun nights out you can choose between a local restaurant with a great wine collection, the local bar for the true São Lourenço Bay experience, or the night life in Ericeira wich during summer time is just amazing.


We're locals ourselves, so we know the best places around. These are some of our favourites: 







Looking for something? Depending on what time you're staying with us, here's some of the more out there activities that we can arrange fo you.


  • Old-school Bread Making

  • Picking barnacles and clams.

  • Snail harvesting and cooking (portuguese delicatessen)

  • Grape harvest and wine tasting

  • Fishing

  • Jam /marmelade making

  • Visit to the fish market